About Scott Davis and His Book, If My Body is a Temple, Then I Was a Megachurch

"There are performers and then there are those who minister the Word of God. Scott truly ministers the Word of God. Each time he has been to First Baptist, he has been a blessing to all of us. I highly recommend Scott."
- Dr. Charles Stanley, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA

"Scott Davis will make you laugh so hard you'll spit up a lung. So don't come if you've got bad lungs."
- Mark Lowry, Singer/Songwriter/Comedian, Gaither Vocal Band

"Temple Baptist Church has seen and heard many singers and speakers over the past several decades.  However, God used this to touch the hearts our congregation and challenge us in a in a way we’ve never experienced before with any other ministry.  I highly recommend and encourage any church out there to make a spot in their schedule for this share the awesome ministry in which God has called him to serve."
- Rev. James Eric Myers, Minister of Music, Temple Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, TX

"Mark Lowry & Scott Davis are probably my favorite comedians."
- Mike Tait, Newsboys

About Matt Duren

"Matt has a soft heart for Jesus and his writing and worship shows it. Whether he's leading your church in worship or pouring into your leaders, Matt Duren will be a win for your church."
- Mark Hall / Casting Crowns

“If you were just looking for someone who is incredibly talented to come to your church, Matt Duren would be a great choice. He is one of the best keyboardists I’ve ever heard and his voice is great and very soulful. But add to that a heart that is deeply passionate for God and His worship and glory and you have someone your church definitely needs to hear. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than Matt.”
- Billy Lord / Worship Pastor, Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church

"Matt Duren is not only my brother...he's truly one of the most talented people I know. With anointed songs and fresh musical ideas, you'll get a glimpse into all that God is doing in his life and also be challenged in your own walk with Christ."
- Cliff Duren / Associate Minister of Music & Worship, Brentwood Baptist Church, Nashville, TN
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